Independent consultancy for start-ups and small businesses in Plymouth

  • Offering ethical sales training 
  • Helping you spot opportunities and potential
  • Finding solutions to simplify your business
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Improve your sales

Many salespeople struggle to sell because they feel…

  • Uninformed or misinformed about the offer
  • Uncomfortable in their working environment
  • Dishonest and intrusive in their tactics

Call me, and I’ll show you how to sell professionally and ethically.


If you feel stuck, then let’s get together…

  • To discover new business opportunities
  • To explore some outside-your-box solutions for your business
  • To give you a third-party perspective

…and walk away with hope, courage and new ideas.

Start-up help

Do you struggle with…

  • Finding your marketing message
  • Getting ideas on how and where to find clients
  • Being confident in pricing your product or service so it is profitable 

…then please call me to address these problems before you launch.

"Only 20% of sales is technique. The other 80% is reputation and character.”

Zig Ziglar